• Oikos Медовый

    Классический греческий йогурт от Данон....

  • Черника

    Безвременно покинувший американский рынок вполне вкусный греческий от Крафта.... Chobani и Dannon всех загрызли...

  • Pear

    New Juicy Pear on the bottom

  • Non-Fat Plain

    Perfect for sweetening with fruit & granola, or using as a substitute for sour cream, our Plain will have you savoring its rich, tangy taste.

  • Greek Style Natural

    Smooth, rich and creamy! De Winkel Greek Style Yoghurt is delicious on its own or mixed with fresh fruits and crunchy cereal for a healthy breakfast or snack. It is also an ideal ingredient for both savoury and sweet dishes.

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